[ Latest ]

The latest version is CEflow v2.00.

If you do not have a previous version of CEflow installed, simply run setup.exe. You will need to disconnect and reconnect your device to enable ActiveSync integration.

If you do have a previous version of CEflow installed, please follow the following procedure to install this version:

  1. In ActiveSync, under Tools | Options, deselect the CEflow messages and traffic densities.
  2. Disconnect your PocketPC from the cradle.
  3. On the PocketPC, go to "Start | Settings | System | Remove Programs" and remove CEflow.
  4. Connect your PocketPC to the cradle again.
  5. Run setup.exe from the CEflow download.
  6. Once setup.exe completes, you may reenable CEflow messages and traffic densities in ActiveSync.

There are too many changes in CEflow 2.00 to list them all here, but here are a few things to try:

[ What is CEflow ]

CEflow is an application for PocketPC devices that allows you to instantly retrieve current traffic conditions and incidents for the Seattle area. It can operate on the cradle through Activesync or across any available internet connection, and has been tuned specifically for wireless or cellular operation.

[ Why CEflow ]

Have you ever tried to cross the 520 bridge? We have, and it sure isn't pretty if you go at the wrong time. The Washington State Department of Transportation publishes the current traffic conditions on their website, along with a Win32 program called Webflow32 to let you view the conditions in real time, but it isn't very portable. We always have our iPaqs with us, so the obvious solution was to create our own Webflow that would run on the iPaq. Since the iPaqs run Windows CE, we called our program CEflow.

[ Compatibility ]

CEflow 2.00 is compatible with PocketPC 2002 and newer devices. PocketPC devices prior to PocketPC 2002 may be supported by CEflow 1.04.

[ What about the contest ]

While the idea for CEflow was kicked around for several years, it was a contest that motivated us to actually transform it into a reality. Microsoft Research University Relations sponsored a contest for college students. The goal was to create a PocketPC application, with an emphasis on wireless, mobility, and connectivity. We thought this was the perfect application, and someone must have agreed — we placed a respectable fifth place nationwide.

[ Contact ]

CEflow was written by Ken Alverson and John Lambert. General feedback should be directed to CEflow@premisedenied.com.

[ Copyright ]

Map images and traffic data: Copyright 2003 by Washington State Department of Transportation
Software: Copyright 2005 by Ken Alverson and John Lambert

Various terms used in this webpage, including but not limited to "PocketPC", "ActiveSync", "iPaq", and "ARM" are registered trademarks of their respective owners.